Displays Unique to Oconee County!

Oconee Heritage Center displays hundreds of artifacts that tell the story of Oconee County and its people.  Visitors learn how Oconee’s physical and cultural landscape has changed over the past 250+ years through exhibits featuring the history of Native Americans, Immigration, Railroads, New Deal Programs, Textile Mills, Agriculture and much more.  Bring your kids and enjoy the Louise Russell Alexander Children’s Corner.  Want to see your family represented in the museum?  Submit a photo for the Oconee Ancestor’s Gallery.  Scroll down for more info…


Always on display…


Chattooga Canoe

Oconee Heritage Center is fortunate to house unique Native American artifacts including our showcase piece the “Chattooga Canoe”.  This 32 1/2 ft. dugout canoe has been carbon dated from the late 1700s.  It was discovered in 2004 by recreational boaters on the banks of the Chattooga River in Oconee County.   A team of volunteers carried it from the river and placed it on a custom built cradle for to transport to our facility.  For many years the canoe underwent preservation at the museum.  Preservation is now complete and visitors can see the canoe inside the exhibit area. This artifact is truly a remarkable piece of Oconee history!



Keowee Canoe

A second dugout canoe known as the “Keowee Canoe” was rescued from the Keowee River in 2008.  It is still undergoing preservation inside the Oconee Heritage Center exhibit hall.



Oconee Ancestor’s GalleryDSC_0831

The Oconee Ancestor’s Gallery stretches around our mezzanine and features images of many of our Oconee ancestors and families.  For $25 an image may be submitted to the gallery using the Ancestors Gallery form.  Submissions must be at least 50 years old.  All images will be scanned and returned to you.




Louise Russell Alexander Children’s Corner

The Children's Corner is a great place to "camp out" with some good books.
The Children’s Corner is a great place to “camp out” with some good books.

The Louise Russell Alexander Children’s Corner is a great place for kids to interact with Oconee’s heritage.  This outdoors themed space boasts a library of children’s books relating to US History and Southern Appalachian heritage.