Field Trip Visits

If you are considering bringing a large class or group to visit,  please review the FAQs and download our Field Trip Request Form:

Field Trip FAQs

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Making History Fun!

Our goal here at the Oconee Heritage Center is to make history fun and enjoyable for your students.  During your visit will give a guided tour of the museum as well a program to enhance the educational experience of your trip.   Students will discover the great history and heritage of Oconee County.  Students will also learn about national historic events on a local level.

What you will see in the museum…

When you visit the Oconee Heritage Center you will see a variety of artifacts representing the history and heritage of Oconee County.  Our main attractions are our two dugout canoes found in local rivers that date back to the late 1700s.  We also feature a replica of Stumphouse Tunnel, a 1930s-era Tenant Farmer’s house, and much, much more!

The General Store Museum

The General Store Museum is the OHC’s first satellite location!  The OHC is using the original contents of England’s General Merchandise Store of Westminster to create the General Store Museum.  The museum also features exhibit space that focuses on the history of Westminster and the surrounding areas.  Students will learn what community life was like for people living in early 20th century Oconee County.



We offer a wide variety of supplemental educational programming to enrich the student’s experience at the OHC, as well as align to South Carolina Social Studies curriculum and STEM initiative.

  • How Does My Garden Grown? During this activity students will learn the importance and basics of farming and agriculture. (K-4th) STEM
  • Quilting Bee. An activity for children to learn the history and importance of quilts, as well as artistic expression.  (K-4th)
  • Appalachian Folklore. In this activity we will tell a folk story or two from the Appalachian region and learn about how people use folklore. (K-4th)
  • Life in the Southern Cotton Mill. In this activity, students will learn what it was like growing up in a mill village in the South.  In our hands-on activity segment, we will divide student’s by jobs in the mill to create a working weaving room. (2nd-8th) STEM
  • Household Engineering. Our ancestors didn’t have it so easy when it came to household duties. Students will experience how household technology has changed over the years with hands-on experiences. (2nd-8th) STEM
  • The Great Canoe Rescue/ Experience Oconee.  This two media presentation features the comprehensive history of Oconee County by a historical interpreter in Experience Oconee as well as the discovery of our two dugout canoes in The Great Canoe Rescue. (3rd-8th)
  • MapQuest. In this activity students will learn the history and importance of maps, as well as enjoy a little competition to find places and geographic features on a map of Oconee County. (3rd-5th)
  • All Aboard…Students will learn about the history of railroads in Oconee County and their importance. Students will work in teams to construct a railroad bridge so the Blue Ridge Railroad train can get to its destination. (3rd-8th) STEM

Download our Curriculum Guides for more information on the curriculum we cover during your visit to Oconee Heritage Center.

City Tours

The Oconee Heritage Center also offers walking tours of the cities of Oconee.  We take you on a walk through the history of Seneca, Westminster, and Walhalla.  The tour features historic points of interest, as well as explanations of how architecture changes throughout time.


We are also more than happy to visit your classroom for fun, interactive lessons!